When a place gives you so much, it’s your responsibility to give back to it.

This sentiment was the impetus behind the birth of riseVB in Fall 2017. Having grown up in Virginia Beach, riseVB’s founder, Alexis Hionis, recognized that Tidewater did not repeatedly show up on the “10 Best Places to Grow Up”, “Best Run Cities in America” and “Fittest Cities in the World” lists by happenstance. It is due to the locals who share a common love and respect of the ocean and their neighbors, the local schools and institutions that are teaching our youth the skills they need to succeed, and the local businesses that breathe life into our city center.

Within this thriving community, there are thousands of passionate, skilled Young Professionals eager to make a difference.

Alexis was determined to bring them together to channel their talent, passion, and expertise to make our community a better place. A safer, more harmonious Tidewater area.

To pursue this mission, she partnered with other young leaders with strong ties to Virginia Beach to make it happen. Together, they have grown Beach Ball – RiseVB’s marquee fundraising event – steadily for 5 years straight, raising more than $210k for local charities including: The Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, Samaritan House, We Are VB, EQUI-KIDS/EQUI-VETS, and Cancer Care Foundation of Tidewater.

… and the fun has just begun.

With ambitions to establish and grow partnerships with local high schools, and additional nonprofits across the Tidewater area, we hope you join and support us in our pursuit to Rise VB.


Community Focus

we channel our passion into program initiatives to enact meaningful change for the people, animals, and overall environment of the tidewater area.


working together, we draw upon one another’s unique skills and individual experiences to achieve our goals.


our collective gratitude for all that the region has given us drives our vision and fuels our efforts.


we constantly seek ways to create it, have it, and share it as much as possible along the way.

Pay it Forward

we believe it is our duty to give back to the community that raised us – to create a better, safer, more harmonious tidewater area. our ultimate goal is to leave an even stronger local legacy for future generations.

Our Board

Alexis Hionis

Founder & President

Katheryn McKee

Vice President & Marketing Director

Margaret Whittemore

Program Advisor

Emily Cole

Secretary & Fundraising Leader

Annesley Cole

© RiseVB
we are a 501(c)3 organization.